The Emmanuel Empowerment Foundation (EEF) is a 501 ©3 not-for-profit entity whose exclusive purpose is to provide development and fund raising counsel to the Emmanuel Baptist Church in order to optimize the ministry’s capacity to accomplish its God-mandated mission.  

The EEF exists to assist the Emmanuel Baptist Church develop and sustain meaningful and viable partnerships that can offer financial, technological and logistical support for a myriad of exciting ministry activities. 

To that end, the principal role of the EEF is to relieve the burdens and concerns associated with finance and resource acquisition—concerns that often undermine well-intentioned ministry objectives.

The EEF aims to create a variety of specific ‘giving’ and ‘gifting’ mechanisms that will enable individuals as well as corporate entities to invest in the Kingdom work of the Emmanuel Baptist Church.

These specific strategies will also be bolstered by an organized mechanism to promote public confidence in the ministry work of the church, while engaging current church discipleship and inspiring them to become more invested with respect to time, talent, treasure and testimony.

The EEF will be constantly engaged within the community and corporate infrastructure in order to research, develop and present to the church, ideas and concepts that will grow the ministry and extend its evangelical and service reach. 

The EEF is not a church; but exists as a non-profit business entity founded on Christian principles.  To that end, the EEF vows to commit its best effort to conducting business in a manner that is consistent with the tenets of professionalism, character, honor and integrity outlined in the Bible and therefore  expected by God.

We encourage you to learn more about the Emmanuel Empowerment Foundation and join us in this endeavor to support a ministry that desires to positively impact and transform the world through stewardship and service.