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FAITHWorks Wellness Group is an innovative market leader committed to providing a faith-centered, comprehensive healthcare solutions for individual patients and families that re-shapes the landscape of community healthcare through innovation, technology and a faith-based focus on the provider-patient partnership.

With plans to situate the practice in the heart of the newly-developed Carey Furnace business district, FAITHWorks aims to be available, accessible & credible total healthcare resource to all who desire and engaged healthcare partnership and an inspired healthcare experience for the purposes of optimizing health & wellness.

FAITHWorks Wellness Group practice model will be a cash-only practice model that is completely customizable; utilizing electronic and internet-based technology to link patients and providers virtually 24-hours-a-day.  The tiered fee schedule will also make FAITHWorks clinical and non-clinical services available to all patients who desire optimal health and wellness for themselves and their families.

Through highly competent and compassionate clinical care, the FAITHWorks Wellness Group aims to re-shape the landscape of healthcare by changing the design and delivery of comprehensive community healthcare through a committed, multi-disciplinary focus on health & wellness and the time-tested truths and strategies for health, wholeness and wellness outlined with the Bible.

Open-scheduling, urgent care services, on-site, point-of-care testing & radiography (plain x-rays); along with unprecidented provider access, will make FAITHWorks Wellness a completely customizable healthcare solution for busy individuals, families and employers.

The FAITHWorks Wellness Group providers wil leverage a well-established professional and clinical reputation to construct a specialty and sub-specialty referral network that will ensure that FAITHWorks clients remain connected to the region's best sub-specialty healthcare if needed.

FAITHWorks strives to be a preeminent regional leader in the community healthcare marketplace providing the highest level of comprehensive care possible. We are determined to equip our practice and staff with the training, resources and technology needed to consistently exceed the expectations of the patients, partners and communities we serve as we strive to become agents for creating empowered, engaged & optimally healthy patients-- all to the glory of God!

Genesis/Guiding Doctrine:  FAITHWorks considers the Bible to be the inspired Word of God and the wisdom contained therein to be man's blueprint for optimal health and wellness.  We believe that FAITHWorks has been divinely positioned as a change-agent in order to encourage life 'best practices' in order to optimize health.

Creativity & Innovation:  FAITHWorks is committed to developing creative, customized and innovative solutions that have unlimited possibilities leading to growth, quality and new ideas; all for the health & wellness goals of our patients

Accountable Leadership: FAITHWorks believes that excellence is borne of excellent and dynamic leadership.  We strive to seek out individuals whose leadership and passion for excellence are infectious.  Our leadership remains accountable to investors, partners and the community at-large as we embrace our important stewardship role in the health and wellness of the community we serve.

Excellence: We are committed to clinical and service excellence and to programs and processes that enhance our ability to deliver the highest quality specialty healthcare in the market.  Every member of the FAITHWorks team will be held to the highest standards of competence, excellence and integrity at all times—with a singular focus on exceeding patient & clients expectations with respect to their health, wellness & sports performance goals-- all in an effort to meet our personal and corporate mandate to glorify God.

Integrity: We maintain a workplace that promotes ethical judgment, honesty, trust and respect at every level.  We recognize that numerous choices exist within an ever-growing healthcare marketplace; and embrace the importance of ‘mutual trust & respect’ within the dynamic of the provider-patient health partnership. 

Quality & Care Coordination:  FAITHWorks will become recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) as a result of a demonstrated commitment to coordinated care with community primary care colleagues in order to provide timely access to care and continuous quality improvement.  Additionally, PCMH recognition highlights a focus on reducing the duplication of tests, measuring performance and improving communication with patients and the often multiple elements of their healthcare management team.

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