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Evidence suggests that individualized education planning may optimize student performance; as evidenced by a steady upward trend in the number of parents opting-out of the traditional 'brick-and-mortar' classroom environment.  The Center For Excellence & Cyber Academy aims to provide a 'blended' cyber curriculum that is individualized based on student academic characteristics and goals.  

This faith-centered, structured satellite venue will meet or exceed all daily core-course requirements while offering structured life, caerr and post-high school coaching; leadership training and team-building among enrolled students.

The Center For Excellence & Cyhber Academy will accomodate children and adolescents grades 7 through 12 and will provide a daily structured and supervised academic environment that will included set-aside time for health/wellness, fitness, cultural arts development & community service.   The Center For Excellence & Cyber Academy will be housed within the new Emmanuel Baptist Church building.