EBC Expansion Project

                      The new worship center will house a multitude of ministry activities 

Emmanuel Baptist Church has enjoyed a rich history and commitment to the development and empowerment of multiple generations of the lower Mon Valley. Incorporated in 1901, the leaders and members of this historic church have taken seriously the God-ordained mandate given to all Christians which is to go, meet and engage people at the point of their need in order to introduce them to the transformational power of God.

While many contemporary Christian churches boast commitment to programs, activities and missionary work beyond their local community, Emmanuel Baptist Church firmly believes that it has been planted here to be a ‘rock’ and a beacon within the Borough for all of its citizens as an instrument to facilitate growth, development and empowerment from the inside-out.

This ambitious and faith-driven project aims to provide a community-focused venue to serve as a hub for a multitude of growth, development and empowerment activities.

This project proposes to create a multi-use facility that will not only house an expanded capacity for formal worship experiences, but will have sufficient ‘flex’ space for a variety of teaching and development activities.   These elements include, but are not limited to, low-cost child care, youth sports/recreational activities, accredited cyber satellite academy, and adult skills development training, exercise and fitness facilities; media & Christian resource center and cyber cafe.  These resources will offer a centralized venue for multiple community development and empowerment programs while creating a safe and family-friendly social gathering venue and multiple additional employment opportunities in a variety of trades and professions.  

We believe that this bold endeavor, because it has been endorsed by God, will glorify His name and edify His Kingdom while engaging, enriching and empowering individuals and families within the Borough and surrounding Mon Valley communities.

This building and expansion endeavor aims to re-build at our current location and will require demolition of all three church-owned properties currently on the land.  Since the new facility will have a more substantial physical footprint, the plan is to engage the Borough for partnership with respect to utilizing adjacent parking space.  Engagement with the adjacent Rankin Christian Center and Woodland Hills Promise School, we prayerfully anticipating remaining only a ‘stone’s throw’ away from the current building during the period of construction.

We are excited that God has inspired a vision that allows for the continued use of such a storied community edifice with such a rich and influential history in the lives of so many Borough citizens.

We welcome your partnership and generosity as we work together, inspired and empowered by God, to make this expansion project a reality!

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