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Every young person was crafted as a unique masterpiece by God; and wrapped-up within that unique-ness is a surplus of untapped potential.  Viable communities, because they rely heavily upon these gifts, talents and abilities, must work together to encourage young people to know that they are only limited by their own diligence and imagination.

Likewise, youth engagement and development is at the core of any ‘healthy’ church or ministry.   The EEF believes that an integral element of any healthy, viable and empowered community is the level of community investment in the academic development and excellence of its youth and adolescents. 

To that end, the Bright Minds Fund will be an on-going, planned giving element of the EEF that will solicit and distribute goods and financial resources to Emmanuel Baptist Church for the purposes of celebrating and supporting achievement and excellence in academics, research, innovation and community service.  The Bright Minds Fund will underwrite a series of merit and need-based scholarship awards.  Emmanuel Baptist Church will determine the amount of each award as well as any criteria/pre-requisites but will give a reporting of the award recipients to the EEF.  This fund will also underwrite tuition assistance and merit scholarships for students enrolled in the EBC Center For Excellence & Cyber Academy.