The 'Dream Fund'















                                        'So neither the one who plants or waters is anything, but only God makes things grow'

                                                                 (1 Corinthians 3:7) 

Emmanuel Baptist Church desires to be an available, accessible, reliable & credible transformational 'safe space' where people can encounter God.  This is a desire that is attached to a God-inspired Dream Statement  that at is at the core of all church ministry activities.  

The ‘Dream Fund’ Capital Campaign Initiative will represent the core annual ongoing fundraising initiative for the fiscal year.  The success of this initiative is contingent upon market saturation with information regarding the accomplishments and ongoing work of the Emmanuel Baptist Church.  Evidence is clear the planned giving strategies like the 'Dream Fund’ now represent the single largest mechanism of wealth transfer in world.  Planned giving allows for ‘front-end’ financial commitment while deferring or dispersing the fund allocation over time. 

Most planned giving is contracted over a 12-month period and can be renewed annually.  This strategy has also proven successful in bolstering the fundraising success of annual giving campaigns as it permits individuals and corporations to consider larger front-end capital investments that can be allocated over mutually-agreeable monthly or quarterly intervals.  The ‘Dream Fund’ would allow individuals to make spontaneous, one-time gifts as wells as scheduled, planned gifts throughout the year.